Private ChatGPT for business

For innovative companies who take data security seriously.

Supports all leading model providers

Protect your data

Lexical has been built following industry best practices for data security, including customer data isolation and appropriate audit controls.

Choose models from providers which fit with your Data Governance requirements. Models integrated with Lexical do not use your data for training, and include self-hosted options such as Meta's LLaMA / Mistral's foundation models.

Private or Self-Hosted Deployment

Choose between a fully managed single tenant deployment in Lexical's private cloud, or self host on your own infrastructure.

Lexical is designed to be deployed into any cloud, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google GCP - or deployed as a standalone on-premise appliance.

More than just ChatGPT

Lexical goes beyond simple chats - and allows you to upload and discuss files, utilise helpful Assistants for specific tasks, and customise the experience your team receive.

All that, plus security, audits, and automatic onboarding for your team!

Choose Your Model

Lexical supports a wide variety of best-in-class models, including OpenAI's ChatGPT, and all models supported by Amazon AWS' Bedrock.

Lexical fully supports Open Source foundation models, as well as custom, private fine-tuned models via the Lexical Language Server. This allows for straightforward deployment of Large Language Models to a variety of environments.

Ready, Set, GO!

Lexical is ready to roll out to your team, and can be deployed into your organisation quick-smart.

Book a demo, and let's get your team up and running with AI ASAP!

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Single Sign On (Azure AD, Google, Octa)
Run your own models
Self managed deployment

Lexical Enterprise

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Dedicated customer success team
Dedicated customer success team
Dedicated customer success team
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